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Math::Random::MT::Auto 5.04Description

Math::Random::MT::Auto is a Perl module for auto-seeded Mersenne Twister PRNGs.
Math::Random::MT::Auto is a Perl module for auto-seeded Mersenne Twister PRNGs.SYNOPSIS use strict; use warnings; use Math::Random::MT::Auto qw(rand irand shuffle gaussian), '/dev/urandom' => 256, 'random_org'; # Functional interface my $die_roll = 1 + int(rand(6)); my $coin_flip = (irand() & 1) ? 'heads' : 'tails'; my $deck = shuffle(1 .. 52); my $rand_IQ = gaussian(15, 100); # OO interface my $prng = Math::Random::MT::Auto->new('SOURCE' => '/dev/random'); my $angle = $prng->rand(360); my $decay_interval = $prng->exponential(12.4);The Mersenne Twister is a fast pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) that is capable of providing large volumes (> 10^6004) of "high quality" pseudorandom data to applications that may exhaust available "truly" random data sources or system-provided PRNGs such as rand.This module provides PRNGs that are based on the Mersenne Twister.There is a functional interface to a single, standalone PRNG, and an OO interface (based on the inside-out object model as implemented by the Object::InsideOut module) for generating multiple PRNG objects. The PRNGs are self-seeding, automatically acquiring a (19968-bit) random seed from user-selectable sources.Requirements:· Perl Requirements:
· Perl

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